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Deseño Vaquero

Deseño Vaquero means Design Cowboy.  Pieces are cut from cholla cactus wood.  Inlays are paua shell and native crystal.  Silver ends and locking clasps hold the leather braided cord in place.  Bolos, necklaces and earrings have individual descriptions with each image clicked to and selected.

Deseño Vaquero

Making wearable art - bolo ties, necklaces, and earrings

Deseño Vaquero Bolos

Bolos carved from cholla cactus wood and inlaid with paua shell and native crystal.

Deseño Vaquero Necklaces

Hand carved from native cholla wood, inlaid with New Zealand paua and native crystal.

Deseño Vaquero Earrings

Designed to preserve the character of cholla wood. Inlaid with New Zealand paua shell. Lightweight to wear with unique features and colors.

Sculptures from Coyote Cliffs

Most of my sculptures are nature-sourced. I work with cholla, crystals and rocks I've prospected, items found on trails around Coyote Cliffs. I've also worked with metal and ceramic.

Coyote Cliffs Walking Sticks

Sticks, staffs and canes made from cholla wood. Carved and shaped handles with various inlays.